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03-26-2013, 03:35 PM
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I don't think the Spits got much value back when they moved Feasey either.
They got McNaughton, who's a serviceable 6th or 7th d-man.

I have nothing against Whaley and he made it work but he made his mark with Plymouth playing 2 full seasons.
He still made his mark, though. Same with Locke; the both teams obviously saw enough in him to make the deal for Carnevale.

Bilcke - I'm not going down this road again, but if you wish to keep thinking he has no value, that's your choice. We'll just

As for the number of players in the draft - I wasn't referring to how many make the club this year, or even next year, on a regular basis. It was referring to how many bodies we have to choose from should we need it. We were calling up guys who, while they should be good down the road, shouldn't have been needed this year. Most nights, even with the call-ups, we were well below the league minimum for players dressed. If you draft 90% guys that are not going to college, then you've got those at your disposal in case something happens. I'd rather go that route with a draft like this than go "let's take the NCAA-or-bust kids because we've got too many returning players." If you take a bunch of flyers this year, and we're riddled with injuries again, you've got the same scenario as last year. That's not an option. Get the depth in here.

Oh, I just caught this now, but in all fairness to Turcotte, I don't think his lack of ability had much to do with him not being here. It may have played a part, but there were other factors.

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