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Originally Posted by CrazyEddie20 View Post
There will be no merger - get that part straight. Some CHL teams might be invited to join the ECHL, but a "merger" will not happen. The CHL teams need the ECHL a lot more than the ECHL needs the CHL teams, and those surviving CHL teams will (possibly) join the ECHL on the ECHL's terms. And it won't be much of a negotiation, because the CHL teams have NO leverage.

QC has been in trouble for a long time, hence the league takeover. Bloomington has been in trouble for a while, notice the shaky ownership. Brampton is just a joke - I seriously hope the potential owners haven't paid the CHL any money that isn't refundable.

The good thing is, the fans of the teams that go to the ECHL will finally get to see real Class-AA hockey, rather than the schlock that is the CHL.
Merger...absorption...invitation to join, whatever you want to call it. Of course the CHL is no position to dictate terms of an arrangement, and I wasn't implying they were in that position. My use of the term "merger" was shorthand for illustrating the fact some stronger CHL markets could be suitable for admission to the ECHL.

QC and Bloomington are two of the shakiest markets in the CHL and could make it impossible for the league to continue if both were to fail. Saint Charles and Brampton will already be starting from an untenable position this fall. Without a couple nearby opponents, I don't see how they stand even the remotest chance of making it through next season. The scheduling would be a disaster for both teams -- especially Brampton.

I was actually hoping the Mallards would follow Fort Wayne and Evansville into the ECHL last season, but QC has had way too many ownership issues to make that workable. The CHL is living on borrowed time. I suspect they'll prop up Bloomington to keep their rickety old ship together this summer. The problem is, that rickety old ship will quickly fall apart at the first sign of turbulence next season.

The CHL is stringing along thousands of fans with all their pie-in-the-sky promises. It gets old watching Duane Lewis trying to spin all this crap as being good for the fans.

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