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03-26-2013, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Thats always been the case in every pro sport. If you don't have a team full of self motivated players you're not going to win much. Too many on here (not saying you do) seem to think a coach or captain can make up for individual players not being self driven.
My "interesting" remark was really about the rest of the paragraph concerning his perspective of Rolston and what almost seemed like an outward endorsement for this type of coach as beingpreferable to Ott.

I do not think that about screaming to motivate players.

I know you coach and I have my fair share of experience with youth sports. I personally had an epiphany this year while watching lots of youth hockey and baseball. On every single team, no matter what level, I think that it is not so much about "getting up for games", as much as it is about being a consistant player. I think that there are very few who can be consistant at a high level of play throughout a season, whether a peewee or a pro. Those that can are super special. Those that cannot may still be very, very good on some nights and make you want to pull your hair out on others. I happen to have two of the later as children and it is not about being into it or being ready to play. A coach can scream at them and that will not change their play.

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