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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
I just think that the Flyers as an organization will never be satisfied with what they have. The team is simply impatient with their players. I don't think it's just the fans that get on players if they have an off year, but Ed Snider, the Al Davis of the NHL, is always meddling in team affairs (much like Al Davis did).

It was believed that the Flyers got younger and better with the moves they made last season, and yes, they did improve their team depth, but they followed that up with more questionable moves. The Bryzgalov contract being the biggest gaffe. But they also go back to getting rid of players that developed internally. They got rid of Bobrovsky and James van Riemsdyk over the offseason. Now there are rumors they may move Sean Couturier.

The process continues to repeat every season. This isn't anything new with that organization. I said it before and it has to be repeated: the Philadelphia Flyers are one of the least stable franchises in the NHL. Look at how unstable they have been behind the net and behind the bench with a laundry list of names. And that isn't even touching on the massive turnover on their roster that we've seen as well.

I'd liken the way the Flyers are run to a fantasy hockey GM who gets bored and wants to make moves just to change the makeup of his team and to acquire new shiny toys to play with.
Your post isn't 100% on point but also not incorrect. I think we're used to winning and always close but not close enough so it's "just one more piece" and things don't work out because the young guys are traded for older players before they pan out. Snider wants to win another Cup before he passes and I believe he had everything to do with getting Bryzgalov.

The only reason Couturier's name is being thrown around is because the Flyers have a chance to get McKinnon, Drouin, or Barkov, making Couturier expendable for a young potential number 1 defenseman. I love Couturier and would only give him up if it's the absolute right trade and the Flyers have a piece that can replace him.

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