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Originally Posted by theremedial View Post
They argued over contract, he did not like what he got. Its no troll its fact. Grabo described their relationship like an old married couple, usually that means they love each other but bicker and complain to one another. Not good not playing together.
He argued with Grabo over his contract? Or are you saying Kulemin's agent argued with Leafs management?

I bet most contract talks get testy at some stage, and agents/GMs make up all kinds of arguments to turn the negotiation in their favour.

Kulemin as a person/player, to the best of my knowledge has never publicly stated any displeasure with the leafs, has never cause any type of an issue on or off the ice and in my opinion has been one of the most consistent two-way forwards we have had in the past 7-10 years.

That doesn't mean he needs to be a 30 goal scorer...obviously chances are he won't be doing that for many years in his career but its the Leafs managements/coaching job to put him into a position for success. If that means he plays with Kadri, then so be it...if it means reuniting him with Grabo next year, thats find too. The point is that when put in the right situation he has shown the ability to score over a course of a season.

To me, offensively Kulemin can produce with the likes of Kunitz and Dupius if paired with top talent. This last part is obviously just my personal opinion and will be hard to prove unless we happen to draft a Crosby 2.0, trade for Malkin in the next few years or Kadri turns into a superstar but the point is that forwards who are very sound defensively, go about their business without making a fuss, give it 100% every night and CAN from time to time show flashes of offensive brilliance are hard enough to come by that Leafs would be foolish to trade him.

P.S. That part about Grabo's quote of "old married couple", i thought was just meant as a joke to highlight that for the majority of their time with the leafs Kulemin and Grabo have played together and socially seem to always be together. Thats is all.

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