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03-26-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by czwalga View Post
3 teams, 10-20x the population, depending on the numbers you use. You do the math.
Right, so we adjust the "market size" according to the number of teams as a starting point.

Then take into consideration that NYC is not just an overgrown Pittsburgh. Over a third of the city is foreign-born. Among the native citizens, a huge proportion are second- or third-generation children of immigrants. A significant part of the population consists of students and businesspeople who live there on a temporary basis. Of the deep-rooted American population, a large number are originally from some other city.

Demographically, only a fraction of the city compares directly with the rooted local population of a Pittsburgh or similar city, and again that population's loyalties are split across three teams.

I'll grant you, the Pens probably still would have higher viewership if we adjusted for all these factors. But it's misleading to think of it in terms of outdrawing a market that's 20x larger, when probably 70% or more of that market aren't even on the Rangers' radar.

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