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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
I think Holland is a sexy young talent, and I have hope he can someday be a legit #2 center, but I think Bonino's contributions to this team are woefully underrated. Like DVM hinted at, he's exactly the kind of player I think we're going to want for many of the same reasons we dig Koivu. They aren't the same player, obviously, and he's not someone I think we're going to look to for top six type scoring, but he's one of those guys who does the little things well and they add up to big contributions.

Summary: I think he's the type of player you need on your team if you're going to win games. If hockey is a game of inches, Bonino is one of those players who can make up the difference.
I guess in the end, the big question is. Does Anaheim have a large enough shot at winning the cup this year to trade away some potential players.

Or is this the first year in a couple years of growth the ends in a possible cup. Considering the age of the team. Average age of 28.1. 8 Current players 25 and under. 14 players under 30

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