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03-26-2013, 04:57 PM
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LONG VERSION (non-KingsVision) ...

The Kings went through the usual rigmarole of a champion coming through the White House; they took a tour of the grounds -- where Dustin Penner was looking for the Wi-Fi password -- and had the ceremony with the president after a private chat. They also had a separate session with children as part of the Let's Move initiative.

During his speech to the teams -- half spent on the Galaxy, half spent on the Kings since they are both champs and are owned by the same company -- President Obama lauded the Kings on their Cup season, noting the unprecedented run of going from the last team in as the eight seed to the last team standing. He lamented the Kings' victory Monday night over his Chicago Blackhawks. The president is nothing if not consistent with his sports leanings, you must give him that.

The president had a little fun when posing for the cameras with his new No. 44 LA Kings sweater, asking captain Dustin Brown to show that toothless smile: "Just how a hockey player should look!" All part of the joy and honor of the White House trip.

From there Brown -- just the second American captain to ever win the Stanley Cup -- Rob Scuderi and Quick, all three American players, spent time chatting with little kids, fielding questions. They ran the gamut from playing in their first game -- Quick was scared not knowing anybody and trying to prove he belonged -- to if they have ever been in a fight. It made some folks squirm a little but of course Brown and Scuderi could only chuckle, admitting they had. Quick was able to go the G-rated route and say he has not, that his buddies protect him.

Then there was Scuderi answering about the toughest team and player he has faced in his career. Of course he went right to Pavel Datsyuk and said that when he was back with the Penguins the Red Wings were the toughest team, to which a few of the kids started to cheer. "Hey, pipe down!" Scuderi responded with a mocking scold. Then there was the child who was so nervous he couldn't even pronounce the word "interested" staring at stars from the hockey and soccer world, apparently awe struck.

All in all it was a quiet affair, other than the gabbing Obama probably received from coach Darryl Sutter, who wanted to talk about the Keystone Pipeline with the president. The team received the tremendous honor of touring the White House and meeting the president. Not too bad for a day off in the middle of this meat grinder.

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