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Here's my plan for the next year at JMSB - would appreciate any feedback on your experiences in these classes (if you've taken any) if you've got a moment to spare. Feel free to share your own roadmaps, always interesting to see how everyone's tackling them credits.

Summer 1:
THEO 206 (online) - GPA-boosting elective, helps me graduate faster (goal is Fall 2014). I'll need it after COMM 308 is done with me this semester.

COMM 225
MARK 305 (previously 405)
MARK 463 - Retailing
AHSC 242 - "Leisure in Canada" online elective

COMM 315
COMM 320
MARK 491M - Sports Marketing (my career aspiration)
COMS 361 - "Propaganda" online elective


I'm feeling good about this overall, but am a little worried about my COMM 315/COMM 320/MARK 491M cluster. I hear 315 is a tough class, and I know 491M is challenging. Wondering if I should switch 315 for COMM 225. I haven't had an issue with tough classes so far (save for 308, never taking a FINA class at JMSB again if I can help it), but I like to have a good work-school-life balance. Not a fan of loading up some semesters and keeping others easier, if you know what I mean.

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