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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
TL, I think you are forgetting my previous response regarding IEH. I said that they were irrelevant to a local sale of the Coyotes. They are not irrelevant to a relatively innocuous internet discussion board that serves mostly for the entertainment of participants. They are actually part of the entertainment. I will be particularly entertained when they re-emerge with their latest "Plan B" to manage the without the Coyotes, thereby showing their true colours once and for all. I don't have a list like KevyD, but if I did, that prediction would be on it.

Then to paraphrase something you stated a few pages back.... their "15 minutes of fame" really aren't up yet.

I think my previous allusion to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern was apt. The plot could go on without them, but they illustrate some important themes in the drama, while offering comic relief to those of us who like that sort of thing.

As for Clark, I happen to think that she was a consequential character in this whole drama, and that her approach has been irresponsible. Her internet musings now more fully reveal her perspectives and approaches as a council member. She is now gung-ho for firing city employees to preserve budget for an arena management fee, even though there is no potential deal on the table just now. She has stayed "engaged" in this discussion by her own volition.
She's being "engaged" by proxy..... so unless she's got an HFBoards account now (sorry Fugu ) the only way for her to be "engaged" in the discussion here is by people here giving credence to her blog.

Please indicate which of her blog comments you think I have "stretched".
Your comment regarding her "gung-ho" position on firing employees for one. There is more than one way to balance a budget. Her blog pointed out Glendale has until 2017 to figure out how to pare itself down to something it can manage because the extra $22 million they get now from the sales tax increase won't be there. No where did I see her calling for mass-firings of employees. I did see her call for a gradual pare down in spending over the next 4 years, before the city faces "draconian cuts in 2017". So I ask is this being "gung-ho" for firing people? Is it irresponsible to point out the city needs to gradually work this in???

Note that the newly elected mayor was advocating pay raises for city employees just in the past week. Newly elected council member Chavira (Clark's successor) was calling for increased monies to the police and fire departments. Now who's being irresponsible??

In regards to her noting the city possibly raiding the $17million allotted for arena management to cover an outside audit..... didn't everyone just rip the city over using money from one department to cover expenses somewhere else???

How's Beacon supposed to sell an arena management deal for the city when it could possibly rob the fund that pays for it???

Or does taking it from arena management not seem as bad because of the potential to fulfill some other result you want????

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