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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Fixed. You're welcome. I hardly ever see bands like that come over here, I guess most fans would be even more annoyed with the lineup if I got my "dream concert". But I guess that's something cool about latter-day metal. There are so many sub-genres, and so many bands these days. If they can even give it a teeny-metal flavour or whatever, well, that's some kind of difference from my heyday. It was all "teeny"-metal then, whether it was Motley Crue or Celtic Frost. And there was no chance at a concert as big or diverse as this Heavy MTL.

I can handle Bat Country and Beast and the Harlot too, so even though I don't really know AV7X, I expect that they will do a good show, even if there is a big "teeny-metal" element mixed in. They're big enough.

If I had to pay $120 for 6 bands I like, say Megadeth, Machine Head, Wintersun, Mastodon, Goddess, Finntroll, that sounds like a good deal. It's probably not enough to make me pay the train ticket and hotel, but if I lived in Montreal, I would be all over that. I bet I'd come away liking a few other bands and not liking a few more. It's kind of the fun of a festival setting. Are you guys spoiled? I have to take my kids to see "Fun." instead.
I hate to sound like one of "those people" who complains about line-ups and acts spoiled. I'm far from spoiled. I go to school in Sudbury and am from Ottawa where I've had little means of getting to places outside of Ottawa for concerts until now.

I'm just more or less frustrated because I got myself so pumped up for this festival and it just isn't what I expected it to be.

Oh well. Maybe next year?

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