Thread: Value of: (TOR) Mark Fraser to Edmonton
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03-26-2013, 05:42 PM
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I'm pretty neutral to the guy, but I find it interesting that he's getting the 'second coming' treatment here while at the same time getting shredded on pension plan puppets.

"So Mark Fraser is like the Anti-Holzer for this season. He seems to be getting a complete and total get out of jail free card / pass to the fun house on Sundays from the press because he has a nice +/- rating, he hits people, he likes to fight Randy Carlyle style, and yanno... he's a good guy that thinks blocking shots is the type of "craziness" that wins. He gives interviews about how Randy is implementing the vaunted NJ Devils D schemes (apparently they're doing a bang up job of that - or not so much). He also seems like a stand up dude and very approachable.

In his other life as a New Jersey Devil he was even passable defensively. Unfortunately in his current incarnation as an AHL call up to the Toronto Maple Leafs, he isn't. His situational difficulty is below average in terms of difficulty. His SDI Residual Score is WAY below average in terms of comparison to expected defensive results. He's basically running around in his own end while the other team turns things into a shooting gallery.

Sure he's blocking shots, but that's because the other team has the puck all the time, and Mark seems to get in the way on occasion. He's not doing a good job defensively, and all this talk of his huge impact on the blue line really needs to stop. He makes the team worse, and I don't care that he'll run through a wall to win, because that isn't what MAKES teams win. Unless you're trying to win a contest to see who can run through the most walls... in which case, have at it... but yeah - this is hockey."

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