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03-26-2013, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Chelios View Post
Exactly my sentiment. Does anyone around who wants Bolland gone have a thoughtful, intelligent argument against this? I would love to hear it.
Sure. Although the guy HTB was responding to doesn't want Bolland gone. Neither do I. We just want him off the second line.

Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
He's facing the toughest competition on the other team and is allowing Kane to score at the highest rate in his career. Everyone keeps talking about Kane scoring in spite of Bolland, yet, in 4 years playing with Toews, never has Kane scored at a higher rate. Kane didn't suddenly become more talented, perhaps more committed, but if Kane was having an "average" Kane year, no one would be talking about him being a more "committed" player, that kind of stuff comes with the increased scoring.
Correlation is not causation. Kane has taken the step this year that he appeared to be ready to take last season prior to the unfortunate wrist injury. Kane's offensive ability has always been there, but there's been an extra bit of potential he had yet to harness. I don't think putting Bolland - a guy who simply hasn't had much finish this season - on his line suddenly let him harness that potential. His points would almost certainly be higher playing with a better offensive player, like Toews. But that's obvious, isn't it? In the end, Bolland has hurt Kane's offensive output because he doesn't do much of anything well on offense - at least, not this season. I loved how Bolland managed to produced despite being stuffed on a line with a pretty ineffective Bickell and an offensively anemic Frolik last year. He put in good effort and got some results. This year, he still has the same talent (you don't just lose that), but he's floating around and simply not really trying on the offensive end. He's playing lazy, and that line would almost definitely be better with someone else in the middle.

Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
At the end of the day, I'm not saying Bolland is the perfect 2nd line centre. But when your team's on top of the NHL standings, Kane's scoring regardless and all 4 lines, when healthy, looked good-very good-outstanding, it's hard to complain about Bolland's scoring, or lackthereof.

Bolland's proven time and again how valuable he is to this team. I get people expected him to score more, but really.. if you really, really think about it, who cares? The team is winning. Kane is scoring. I'm not seeing the big issue. If Chicago's biggest hole is the lack of scoring from Bolland, than this team should have no problem winning the Cup.
Eh, the team has gone into a bit of a rough patch since the end of the awesome streak, but you can't argue with the overall record. Still, the lack of a true #2C is probably the most glaring problem on the roster. Just because the overall record is good doesn't mean it shouldn't be addressed.
You reference Bolland is valuable to the team. I agree. And he's most valuable when he's playing a role that he is suited for.
That role is centering the third line with two solid defensive players on his wing, going out against the opponent's best in a shutdown role every night.

He's not a scoring line center, and that has become very obvious this season. He's not incredibly talented, although he does have his fair share. In the end he hasn't looked good at all in the middle on the second line this year and the Hawks would be better off finding a different player for that line.

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