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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Can I get in this discussion, too? I have been intrigued b the 3/2/1/0 system as well, because as a math guy, I hate it that some games give 2 pts in the standings and some 3. I have found myself this year hoping that "ANYBODY" scores near the end of the game so that both teams don't get points, because that is an advantage to the Wild. Both teams (Detroit and Anaheim, for example) aren't gaining points.

As far as the current system, I look at the standings and think Wins-Losses. So, right now, the Wild are +9, Vancouver is +8. In a full season, something like +8 to +12 has normally been the playoff cutoff. This is a 60% season, so probably +5 - +8 will be the cutoff (this matches well with the OP - he says 54 - which is +6).

You've nailed it right on the head with that bolded part.
It's about how many wins you can accumulate vs regulation losses... That's the only thing that matters at the end of the day...

i.e. losing in the gimmick parts of the game (OT & SO) is negated, while winning matters.

If a team OTL's, it's basically burning a game that does nothing for them in the standings... well.. they avoided a reg loss - which is the good thing.

What the standings are all about is Minimizing your Regulation Losses, and maximizing Wins.

It's the difference between Wins and Reg Losses that's important.

I was gonna make a thread about it, but it would of just spurred a semantics conversation.

When i run through the standings, i too look at the wins vs reg losses... basically pay less attention to pts.

(as mentioned by MN above..)
As it pertains to this thread over the course of an 82 gm season, +10 is league average = 92 pts. (0.560) (also approximate playoff bar).

This season... if it was on track as 0.560 being average over 48 games, that would be an average of/playoff bar of around +6. (playoff bar seems actually seems a little lower right now due to the the number of dominate teams vs the lack of pure scrub teams)

(Wins - reg Losses = pts your team is over total games played (or 0.500))

Standings in the West as i look at them..
1. Chi +20
2. Ana +16
3. Min +9
4. Van +8
5. Det +6
6. LAK +6
7. StL +5
8. SJS +3
9. Nas +2
10. Dal +1
11. CBJ 0
12. Pho -2
13. Edm -2
14. Cal -2
15. Col -5

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