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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
With Sutter playing vs DD, I see what you mean by you can't really just use those advance stats, because while Crosby and Malkin are the better offensive players, Sutter actually might be the better defensive player.
One great thing about the advanced stats is that it takes "reputation" out of the equation, and just measure what countable events everyone was able to record over the multitude of situations they've been thrown into (and against whom). Player reputations stick around for a long time in the "overall" sense, but even facing the same players year after year, your QoC will reflect what they've (and you've) done "recently", as opposed to what they have for a reputation from 5 years ago, or even the last couple of years, for example.

To touch on the defensemen faced part, realize that on just about every team the top 2 pairings play a combined ~45 of 60 minutes (75%). That's two pairings playing almost the same amount of time that 3 forward lines get in a game, so there's bound to be overlap (making it a bit harder to speak in generalities about defensemen faced).

Also, yes, relative icetime is factored in, I believe, depending on which metric(s) you're talking about.

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