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03-26-2013, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
No, whats horrible is trying to say that any player would be better if they were smaller. Its borderline idiotic. Sprouls not some big slow guy that would be way faster if he were smaller and right nwo hes a raw prospect but that size gives him potential for a lot more than someone under 6 feet
You keep saying that yet have no argument against it. Me and Highway to Hell presented plenty of evidence for it, and you've not only ignored it, but you're continued to dismiss it.

If you play like you're small when you're big, it's far worse than playing you're size when you're 5'11. Tell me why there is very few big defensemen who aren't good defensively? Because big defensemen who don't play their size and are bad defensive are bigger liabilities than small defensemen.

And it doesn't matter what so ever that Sproul isn't slow. Because he's big, he doesn't turn as well, so if another player gets around him (Which presently is incredibly easy) he's an even worse position. Since he's not good with his stick, his reach makes it easier to knock the puck off his stick.

Case in point, a few weeks ago Kitchener played the Soo. Sproul was on the point and trying to keep the puck in, he extends his arms and uses his reach to keep the puck in but it just leaves him more vulnerable. Murphy rushes him, knocks the puck off his stick and by the time Sproul gets turned around Murphy was off on an odd man rush with Sproul unable to get back. It was the split second slower that it takes Sproul to turn that meant Sproul had no chance of even getting his stick to Murphy. This happened twice more this game, again by Murphy (Sproul got back this time but because Murphy had to jump around another plater) and another time by Tobias Rieder. That's an example where Sprouls size combined with Sprouls defensive and stick handling woes make his size a worse factor.

Sproul will need some serious improvements to his stick/puck handling and defneisve game. Something a smaller defensive can get away with if they have elite skating. Dougie Hamilton is far better than Sproul defensively and this is a problem for him as well, not enough to make his size a negative factor but it's a problem. Imagine Sproul now, who doesn't have the same defensive ability.

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