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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
What years did Gut coach the Czech team? This is a pick that really needs a good bio

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I don't know if he's ever been picked as a coach before.
He was picked as a coach in the 2011 Double-A Draft.

Originally Posted by VanIslander

Karel Gut, who has continued coaching club teams well into the independent Czech Republic era, is the first coach listed and referred to in talk of the great Czechoslovakian national teams of the 1970's with (ATD pick) Dr. Jan Starsi mentioned second in tourney records for world championships, Canada Cup and the Olympics record sheets. Gut was an all-time great player turned coach whose relationship with guru Starsi seems similar to that of Chernyshev to Tarasov, the player's coach as official head coach and the intellectual genius designing strategy. In any event, Karel Gut has been successful as coach of the Czechoslovakian team and Rensselaer has four starting Czechoslovakian players and two more on the bench so having this coach makes sense from a team chemistry standpoint as well as from an all-time great honouring perspective.

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