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Marc McNeil of the Gazette had a good article here remembering the Maroons-Canadiens rivalry.

Nothing really new in substance, but some colourful descriptions of the players.

Remember how the huge Nels Stewart used to cruise about slowly like a majestic liner, but no man could beat him to the draw once he got within shooting range, which was anywhere?

Remember the bull-like rushes of Dunc Munro with his short, choppy strides?... The whirlwind attacks of the late Babe Siebert, and his screaming shot?... Remember the late Howie Morenz chugging around the back of his own nets with hopping, overlapping steps as his skates bit into the ice working up speed for his cyclonic dashes - straight down the middle and hurtling through a sandwich-minded defence pair?... Remember the night one of Howie's smashing shots caught old Benny, Clint Benedict, full in the face, to spell the beginning of the end for Clint?... Black-capped Aurel Joliat, stickhandling wizard, a ghost on skates, waiting just inside the enemy blue line, evading checks by a slight shift, until someone got near the goalmouth, then he'd fire a long pass in with deadly accuracy to the man planted in front of the nets?... The weaving rushes of Sylvio Mantha, who skated with his legs wide apart and couldn't be shoved off balance, or off the puck?... Remember the most beautiful skater of them all, Dave Trottier?... And old hard-rock Reg Noble, who could hit as jolting a body check as was ever thrown out?

And Lionel Conacher, the Big Train, with his knock-kneed skating, tremendous competitive spirit, a rallying point in distress, a driving leader, and a second goalkeeper dropping to his knees to block countless shots?... Remember Punch Broadbent, who knew all the tricks, virtually riding on the wing he was checking and tiring him all out?... Little Dinny Dinsmore, the peskiest puck-ragger of them all?... Remember Hooley Smith's great centre-ice sweep check, rivalled by that of the suave and superbly polished Pete Lepine?... The speed-ball Georges Mantha, Sylvio's little brother?... The smoothness of Paul Haynes, with both Maroons and later Canadiens?... Earl Robinson, the blond bullet, and Russ Blinco, who looked as if he had majored in mathematics and when he got mad at the opposition used to call them "gol-danged tinkers?"... And Jimmy Ward, a great all-around hockey star with a mighty shot, and one of the most popular players in the town, the idol of all the kids... The lanky, durable Gander Northcott?... The speed-fiend Bob Gracie, who had scoring punch in his stick - and punch in his machine-gun fists?... Remember Walter Buswell, a forcing defenceman with an uncanny knack of anticipating plays and breaking them up almost before they developed?

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