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08-09-2006, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Cappy76 View Post
All the Docs at the ER were saying how lucky I was for not messing my teeth up. the cut was pretty deep so they said and there was a bunch of blood on the ice I heard the other day that some chick in the stands was flipping out haha....Adrenalin works in mysterious ways cause I hurt more now then I did when it happend. I was walking around the rink still in my gear trying to find a locker room key and everyone saw it was ooo'in and aaahhh'in about it so that was cool. Wish I had some hockey friends around here cause ill im around is my mom at work and customers who are saying why do you play?
I had a customer today ask how long I would be out for and I looked at her and said well we have a Playoff game next sunday and thats are 1st game since. She looked at me like I just told her i was gonna try to play on a broken leg. Haha oh well the stitches are lookin cooler and cooler everyday to all the people I see and to everyone that doesnt play hockey I seem like a tough guy for taking it and just kinda skating away like it was nothing
Lol, yeah when i got my injury i kept playing after it stopped bleeding(which lasted all of 3-4 mins). When I casually mentioned it in conversations with members of the opposite sex they were in awe... it was awesome, i kinda want to get "injured" again, lol

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