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Name: T.C.
Age: 22
Favorite actor(ess): Leo DiCaprio, Elisha Cuthbert (SHE'S MINE, DION, HAND'S OFF)
Favorite director: Nolan
Favorite movies: Anchorman, Inception, Shutter Island, Memento, Saw Series
Favorite types of movies: N/A
Favorite TV Show: Dexter, Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite type of music: Hip hop
Favorite band/singer: Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Cudder, National, Childish Gambino, Avicii
Favorite song: Changes all the time, the one I've come back to time and time again, though, is Time by Hans Zimmer (closing song of Inception)
Favorite album: Tough. I'll say good kid, m.a.a.d. city by Lamar.
Favorite book: Is the Bible too cliche?
Favorite entertainment magazine: N/A/
Favorite Radio Show: Don't listen to radio
Concerts or other shows you've been to: Nobody big. Mostly local shows, I don't get the appeal of big, impersonal concerts.
People You've Met: Entertainment wise? Not a lot. Sports wise? My biggest names are Dana White, Joe Rogan, and Wanderlei Silva (MMA is my number one sport still) and after that, Lyle Odelein, Stefan Elliot, Jordan Hendry, Robyn Regher.
Fan site you wish to plug: Not a fan site, but the MMA site I mod for: [] If you love MMA, get over there. Best community on the web.

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