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03-26-2013, 08:52 PM
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A load of laundry costs less than $2 to wash and dry (likely a lot less if the washer and dryer are relatively new) so that's not your culprit. Still, you can save some money by hanging some stuff to dry; in a lot of cases that's better for your clothes anyway.

I had a good laugh at the 'How do you do three loads a week' people. Don't you have towels and sheets? In any case, trying to just jam as much laundry into the machine as possible is a bad idea; washers can't get your stuff as clean, the spin cycle can't wring out as much water, and the dryer will have to work far harder & longer to dry the larger volume of (wetter) clothes.

Anyway, sometime this spring you should go look for an oil filled space heater (looks like a radiator that plugs into the wall). These are far more efficient than baseboards and will be pretty cheap unless you wait for the weather to cool off again before you buy one. In conjunction with programmable thermostats you should be in better shape.

If you have an electric water heater you should look into whether or not you can easily adjust the temperature. If you can, turn it down until you find that you're only using hot water when you shower. Having it heat the water beyond that temperature is only wasting energy, and you can turn it up if you need to.

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