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03-26-2013, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Yes, that would makes sense if the ELC was scheduled to start July 1st, like the Will O'Neill or Jordan Eberle contract. It's a way to save a year on guys like O'Neill (have no idea why Edmonton would have bothered with that as Eberle was 19).

But it makes no sense for 2 reasons.

a) If the Jets wanted to send him to St. John's, they could and being junior aged his contract would simply slide anyways considering he would not appear in more than 6 NHL games. And that way they could recall him to Jets as a black ace in playoffs. For O'Neill they bought him another year on ELC. For Trouba is helps absolutely nothing since his contract would slide anyways.

b) Why would Trouba want to sign an ATO to get out of school early. He is going to want to sign to go to Winnipeg, or at least the chance to go to Winnipeg. Otherwise he would just wait until the off-season. See no reason he would want to finish the year in St. John's with no possibility of coming up, not even as an extra for playoffs.

Lawless should have bothered to say ELC starting next year then. Because that means Trouba would be signing a contract that gains nothing for the team or player (since the contract sliding anyways) and costs Trouba money and prevents Trouba any chance at all of playing with the Jets this year OR being a part of the black aces gaining experience. Smart. Way to think it through Lawless.
So then is it completely at the teams discretion when the contract comes into effect?

I agree though completely, if they're going to sign him then they're not going to do it in such a way that he can be around the big team, an ATO makes no sense.

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