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Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
Yes, one-half-of-a-billion-dollars...The Prisoner avatar, Number Six.
Ya. The Tao of Steve... Steve Ellman. Nice job on Westgate & the rink Maing. I mean, where did this Wingnut come from anyway? Malibu? Up around Big Sur like mebbe Carmel? Ashram in Oregon on the backside of Mount Hood? Unbelievable. Calls in Mighty Mover Jerry Moyes with his Swift fleet, hydraulically jacks up the the entire development, arena n' all, drive's it all lock stock & smokin barrel's straight into the ditch. Anyone else calls this a disaster. To Ellman, Moyes, the NHL, they call it Tuesday. Normal day at the office... And hopefully not... that Glendale has to pull a Stockton. I dont think its that bad but it most assuredly wouldve been had they paid the ransom being demanded by the NHL, Hulsizer & Jamison. Absolutely. Shouldnt have just thrown their allegiances & lot in with the NHL during the BK without asking for & receiving in writing assurances, a veritable shopping list of them in fact. Should have pulled Beasley & Tindall right off this file in October 2009, hired SportsCorp or some other heavyweight consultancy firm like that. Had them deal with the suitors & the NHL. Way out of the cities league. Needed serious professional help... and one more thing Llama, I am not a number!

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