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08-09-2006, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaydee96 View Post
red lite: best team by far. they move the ball quickly and effecivly. they have many offensive weapons that they can turn to at any time. what sepperates them the most from other teams is that when the players dont have the ball they keep running looking to get open. they have 9-10 guys that play on team canada.

black knights: they like to rough it up with a physical game trying to thow you off your game. they have 2 or 3 offence weapons, with the best goalie in the world.

hurricane oilers: much like red lite they are a bunch of runners who move the ball well. not as effective and dont have as many finishers as red lite.

midnight express: not as impressive as years past. red lite beat them 7-6 but 5 of the 6 goals came on the power play.

the rest of the teams are of lower caliber and i dont se them having a chance.

all in all red lite should win a 6th straight championship. i see them facing black knights or hurricane oilers in the finals on saturday.
The Oilers have a good team but if there goalie dosen't come back from the injury of last night I don't like their chance's.But like you said there is no reason that the Red Lite lose

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