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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
His season was a product of playing on a great team with quality linemates(Cicarelli, Coffey, Kozlov, Lidstom) and getting boosted ice time when Yzerman goes down. On a weaker team thats a 100-110 point season at best. If anything his peak has become over-glorified.
So you're saying he wouldn't have picked up 84 assists like Gilmour did, and would have instead had to have scored the goals on his own? Oh, wait, Fedorov (56) was third in the league in goal scoring behind Bure (60) and Hull (57).

And before you come in with some contrived "Gilmour got those assists because he was a better playmaker" talk, it's almost impossible to get high assist numbers without a high-end finisher. Gilmour had Andreychuk, who scored 53 goals. And Wendel Clark's 46. Fedorov had... Kozlov and his 34 goals? Ray Sheppard had 52, but wasn't a linemate of Fedorov. And even when it had been tried under Murray, it didn't work well because Sheppard decided that it's better to wear concrete blocks on your feet than skates.

The only way for a player to rack up large assist numbers (80+) without playing with a high-end finisher is by one player double-shifting and creating offense for the entire team.

I don't think someone winning the Hart, Pearson, and Selke, finishing second in scoring, being considered by those who watched him most to actually be better defensively than offensively, and being one of the league's most prolific goal-scorers... how does that become "over-glorified" as you put it? When the anointed one gets around to being a top goal scorer, top point scorer, and the league's best defensive forward ALL AT ONCE let me know. Nobody else has done what Fedorov did, and in the context of awards that means what he did is pretty hard to do. Therefore, his peak was pretty damn good.

Does the logic make sense?

Also... 100-110 points on a weak team without all of the players you mention puts him right with Gilmour in 1993-94. But as I mentioned, Gilmour had plenty of help offensively; he couldn't have picked up 84 assists if he were alone.

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