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Originally Posted by hoserthehorrible View Post
Signing Jones to a four year $4 million dollar per year deal was not a good decision regardless of the interest in him at last year's deadline. Jones has been given every opportunity to succeed this year and he's failed. He is suppose to be a goal scorer and he isn't scoring goals. It's that simple. His contract and his production will make him difficult to trade. Was that part of Lacroix's mastermind decision or was that Sherman's decision? Either way it doesn't give me confidence that the Avs are close to being a top flight contender soon.

The Avs defense is nowhere close to a championship caliber defense now or in the next couple of years unless over half the D-corps gets overhauled. Other than blocking shots Zanon has been brutally bad this year. Hunwick constantly turns the puck over, constantly gets beaten physically, and has been brutally bad. O'Byrne has been brutally bad in all facets this year and thankfully his contract is up at the end of the season. Wilson is very injury prone and has been his entire career. Elliott has shown nothing at the NHL level to give the team hope that he is the next Shattenkirk in the near future. Barrie has shown some promise but hoping he's the next Ray Bourque, Rob Blake or Adam Foote is wishful thinking. Other than Johnson, and that's debatable, who are the defensive cornerstones of a cup winning team? The team isn't one or two pieces away from having a cup winning blueline. They are a massive overhaul away from having what they need.

The team has some forwards with bright futures and some that can play at the highest level right now. They have a goaltender that's a little inconsistent but has a bright future and I believe is good enough to contend now. Unfortunately they have an extremely poor defensive unit and they've got some top forwards that have work ethic problems.

After a three or four year rebuild the team is currently last in the western conference and 2nd worst in the entire league. They aren't close to being a cup contender and replacing the coach or adding a #1 draft pick or one big free agent isn't going to get them there. They have a long way to go. Is this Lacroix's plan? Is this a seven or eight year rebuild in the works and we just don't know it?
Whatever dude. If you want to rip on the team and say everyone sucks, go for it, I can't help you. Do you know how many teams would be ****ing DROOLING at the thought of having:

(Our upcoming 1st rounder)

Plus prospects like:
Barrie, Siemens, Hishon, Sgarbossa & Elliott??

You want to cry about Jones being overpaid? Look at the Leafs...they have Connolly & Komisarek in the AHL and still have Liles who they'd gladly dump and Grabovski at $5.5M which no one seems happy with. PLUS they're still looking for a #1 center and their rebuild started before ours.

Most teams have 1 or 2 guys that aren't producing for what they are being paid. Maybe Jones bounces back under a different coach next year or maybe he'll get traded and we'll actually get something for him (which will STILL have been better than if we just let him go for nothing last summer).

Originally Posted by expatriated_texan View Post
Amen. I know some folks here don't give a lot of credence to the notion that it's difficult to shake off a losing culture and while I don't want to argue that per se, I would like to just mention in my opinion developing a winning culture can be a difficult task in and of itself. It's not a light switch that can be turned on and off. Players like Roy and Forsberg were either more scared of or had a stronger hatred of losing than they actually enjoyed winning. That's a culture issue that I think is sadly lacking throughout the entire organization right now. Which is why we can see desperation in the team at times when the game is close but they are down a goal or two with 10 minutes left. We rarely see that kind of desperation at the start of a game.
For every post about 'losing culture' there is a team like the Chicago Blackhawks or Pittsburgh Penguins that proves it's a fallacy or else it would have affected them as well, no? Every time this 'losing culture' thing comes up, I always ask for examples of clubs where this became an issue and every single time, it has more to do with management making bad decisions on players than it does anything else. Whether it's a franchise killer like Milbury who traded away Luongo & Jokinen for Kvasha & Parrish or those fools in Columbus who drafted Filatov 6th overall after everything that they went through with Zherdev at 4th overall or even Mike Keenan in Florida who ends up dealing Luongo for 7 games of Todd Bertuzzi plus a bunch of crap. It has more to do with mis-management than anything else.

While I don't disagree with the sentiment that it's not easy or something that happens overnight that you just become a 'winner', because I think there is something to it, what are people going to say next year when our NEW coach guides this team to a playoff berth? My guess is that it will be that 'these young players have finally just come into their own' or something like that.

Don't get me wrong, no one is saying we hire a new coach and then we are world beaters but in my opinion, we get a GOOD coach and we're a playoff team, next season.

While it probably will take some time for this club to 'take their lumps' and learn how to win in the playoffs, I don't doubt for one second that in 3 years, we'll be contenders.

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