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03-26-2013, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
There are 11 other forwards on the ice. It's not Eric's fault if they suck, hog the puck until a turnover or dump it in 2 seconds too late.
True, it's not his fault that's happening. However, maybe if Staal wasn't doing all those things you mentioned, the rest of the team would follow suit.

It's one thing to have a game not going your way. It's another to have a game not going your way and having no one working hard to right the ship.

Throughout this losing streak, there have been blatant examples of Staal just flat out embarrassing himself. First game I was legitimately pissed at Eric this year was the game against Washington that started this whole thing. I can distinctly remember Eric just lazily skating back into the zone to grab an icing...despite a Washington player racing behind him, who actually reached the puck before Eric.

Then tonight, right before the Burmi goal, you've got the top line creating a good chance that might have kept offensive pressure...had Eric not been on the ice attempting to sell a call that wasn't there...

Sorry, but when your best player(s) can't put forth the effort to touch up an icing or stay on his skates, it's no surprise the rest of the team isn't exactly putting it all on the line. And just to be fair to Staal, Skinner and Semin are guilty of the same issues.

Hence Muller's "best players" comment.

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