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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
There needs to be better depth but the Spits drafted D's in Morrison and Hughes round 7 and 8. If the Spits liked those guys they should have been signed and you could see them for a couple games here and there. Maybe those guys don't want to commit to Windsor? The depth was hurt as well due to poor use of their 30 cards this year. If they didn't use cards on Ionin, Bezuch and others the depth issue would have been addressed.

Well they didn't take flyers in the form of Morrison, Hughes, Killins, Kotsovos etc.. Yes the organization took some flyers last year but not a lot and look where it got them, they took safe picks and it didn't help. I will tell you one thing if Sean Day ends up sliding in the draft where the Spits could have gotten him the fan base should be livid and Rychel should resign.
As part of the Fan Base you can rest assured I'm already livid. I've a pair of ducats in 109 that are heading to the open market unless I sense some kind of change in direction in the wind. WR and the coaching staff have ridden on the coat tails of the Memorial Cup wins long enough. It seems IMHO that over the course of the last few years management has made more and more poor decisions when it comes to the drafting and the teaching of those players. Perhaps the scouting staff has done a poor job, perhaps the GM has ignored their recommendations or perhaps the coach/owner has over ruled the GM I don't know but in the end the product on the ice is not what it should be. No one expects the team to win a Memorial cup every year but at the inflated pricing we face it's not unreasonable to expect a competitive team. It seems very apparent to me that WR made some terrible decisions early on in the past season that ended up coming back to bite us in the ass and leaving the team short handed on too many nights.
The mistakes, errors in judgement and apparent poor discipline when it comes to looking after the players is beginning to remind me of previous ownership's. If we aren't there already we are once again becoming a place that players/parents wish to avoid.
Perhaps it's time to break up the old boy's club that's running the team, get some new blood in the ownership group and coaching staff and get back to Spitfire hockey.

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