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03-26-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Steve French View Post
Can I get a nice summary of tonights game since my recorrding seems like a waste of my time now.
I went to the game and this is what I got from the game.

Blues started off the 1st period slow, they dominated and looked like they weren't even trying. They were overly confident since beating Edmonton so easily just a week ago that they could get by without having to put too much work in.

2nd Period started and play picked up a little bit but lead to 2 quick odd man rush goals. After that we started playing more physical and continued to dominate for the rest of the game, other than actually getting the puck into the net.

We had way too many chances to make a sweet pass to a guy open in the slot, yet we carried it to the outside and make a pass to the point only to get pokechecked and lead to an odd man rush.

My views on players tonight.

Pietrangelo: Awful, absolute garbage. He needs to pick up his skating speed if he is going to continue to step up in the offensive zone or neutral zone and get burnt EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Polak: Jesus Christ! Can you settle the puck once in your life? I know Polak is the least offensively gifted of our D, but there is no reason an NHL caliber player should create so many turnovers as he did tonight. Not to mention he CANNOT stop a puck from clearing the offensive zone to save his life.

Stewart: He looked good at times but with the puck tonight he kind of looked like the Stewart from last year. He wasn't shooting when he usually has this season, he should have made some slick passes but held on to the puck too long and/or made the wrong pass instead of the right one. Didn't play bad but not up to the Stewart standards we have seen this whole year.

Backes: Oh. My. Dear. ****ing. Lord. His physical game was much much better but he turned the puck over and made so many terrible blind passes, he was simply atrocious. Not to mention every shot he had was right at the goalie's chest.

Halak: Hey do you have any rebound control? You don't... Anyways he didn't let up a goal but I've never seen a goalie has worse rebound control than Halak has. Not only that he just looks shaky, looked over his back way too many times a goalie should. Wasn't really challenged a whole lot during the game, but god help him if he faced a quality shot.

Allen: Wasn't his fault, they had 3 scoring chances and capitalized on all of them. First goal he could have saved but I think he relied too much on Jackman blocking the pass. Second goal was just a roofer. Third goal, lol, what was he supposed to do? not have Eberle drill him to the boards?

Frank: Was our best player tonight, great hustle, great moves, shot the puck a lot, and his defensive game is starting to pick up more.

Schwartz: Don't like him on the 4th line but regardless I love his work ethic and his play. When moved to center Tarasenko they looked great, at times there was a little confusion but I think their playstyles will compliment each other very well for years to come. Is Hitch trying to turn Schwartz into a center? I can't say he did bad but as he grows into a man's body and with practice, I think he could be an effective 2-Way Playmaking Center. Think of Steen but more of a playmaker than a shooter.

Sobotka: Was Sobtoka, no complaints.

Berglund: Were you on the ice? Because you were invisible.

Oshie: Played a decent game, but pissed me off quite a bit because of how many times he failed to clear the puck out of the defensive zone.

Shattenkirk: Not bad but not great

Russell: I think Russell looked fine.

Perron: Not bad but sometimes I wish he would make a pass to Tarasenko who gets open for a perfect one-timer. I think he has just been accustomed to playing the perimeter which needs to be fixed if he is playing on a line with Frank. He played with the puck too much at times and made some questionable passes.

Porter: Porter came out throwing his body around, showing off his speed, and was just everywhere. Loved his game and which is why he got bumped up a few lines for awhile tonight.

Redden: Had a decent game but when he did turn the puck over it was just like

Andy (Speed down the wing and lose the puck right after you enter the zone) Mcdonald: Pretty self explanatory from the name I gave him. He's become almost a useless player. He had a few good passes but overall does not make up for his lack of puck control.

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