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03-26-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
How is that possible? Before this game, The Blues were averaging just shy of 3 goals per game. If they have scored only 1 and 2 goals in some games, and been shut out, they've had to have had almost as many games scoring over 3 as under (unless they've been winning only a few games scoring over 10 (which they haven't).
I shouldn't have used the word rarely.

The Blues have scored more than 3 goals in 12 of their 32 games (roughly 38%) this season. Much like the powerplay, most of the success of scoring more than 3 goals came early in the year (42% of the more than 3 goal games came in January). They haven't been strong offensively for multiple games since January.

Goals For per month
Jan - 28 GF/07 games = 4.00 G/G
Feb - 27 GF/12 games = 2.25 G/G
Mar - 35 GF/13 games = 2.69 G/G (so far)

Goals Against per month
Jan - 14 GA/07 games = 2.00 GA/G
Feb - 41 GA/12 games = 3.41 GA/G
Mar - 34 GA/13 games = 2.61 GA/G (so far)

As you can see, the defense/goaltending has rebounded by reducing the number of GA/G by 0.8 where as the offense has rebounded by only 0.44 G/G. If the Blues plan to make the playoffs this year, the offense is going to have to get much better. The defense/goaltending needs to continue to improve at this pace as well.

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