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03-26-2013, 11:07 PM
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Heres something interesting with respect to Seattle & Sacramento as it might relate to a Relocation of the Coyotes... as in maybe the Kings arent going anywhere at all.

Furthermore, the 3 member investment group in Sacramento who want to buy the Kings from the Maloofs & build a new $475M+ NBA facility (the city looking to raise funds to pay for a sizeable investment through... parking levys, Im assuming Bonds - sound familiar?) includes Pittsburgh's Ron Burkle of the Penguins, he & Mario Lemieux amongst Gary Bettmans closer allies. David Stern of the NBA as well, long time compadre of Garys, his former boss, one time colleagues at law firm Proskauer Rose, absolutely critical in determining Sacramento's future, relo, the whole shootin match.

Now, its been reported widely that Stern wants that team gone out of Sacramento, attendance is waning, need new building. In the small world of ownership & leagues, to suggest that Seattles a slam dunk by any stretch is exactly that, a stretch of Wilt Chamerlainian proportions and I would suggest a potentially foul call altogether. Id just forget about Seattle as being any kind of a potential possible destination for a summer move of the Coyotes altogether, whatsoever. Off grid until this thing gets sorted.

And you have to ask yourself; if Seattles the NHL's preferred destination for the team, and we know Seattles #1 priority is an NBA franchise with the NHL a toss in or afterthought, then how do you think Burkle & Mario Lemiuex would react in knowing that Gary Bettman colluded with Stern to force the movement of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, a prize Ron wanted to purchase himself? They would expect Bettman to lobby his long time friend & colleague David Stern to work him over in insuring that Burkle's group got the Kings, gets the new arena built, Sacramento doesnt lose its franchise, everybody Happy-Slappy with the exception of Hansen & Seattle. Or alternatively & diabolically, maybe Burkles a plant, a subversive, a walking stick of dynamite set to blow the Sacramento dealeo to smithereens so Stern & Bettman can cash in up in Seattle hand in hand.

Doubt it, and if QC was in-play, beyond PKP's interesting move in stepping down as Chairman of Quebecor, not so much as a peep, and no way does that stay quiet for long in PQ if its got legs on it. In Quebec a pair of legs turns into a caterpillar very quickly, 3 sets of true legs, 5 or more sets of pro-legs & on & on. There are just so many moving parts to pulling a spring/summer relo off to QC (anywhere really) that something would just have to have leaked by now. More I think about this, the more Im convinced this teams staying right where it is.

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