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Originally Posted by Pugs35 View Post
Boyle is 7th in the entire NHL in FO %, but sure that doesn't matter at all.

Listen, I'm not even a fan of Boyle, he pisses me off with regularity, but to call him out after the game this team just played is piling on. People get on Torts because Boyle is one of his "boys", well, in my mind you're (not you specifically) just as guilty of blindly disliking the guy if you can't point out his value.
There's value to Boyle but long term, I'd very much rather find someone who can impact the game. I rarely blindly hate on someone aside from a in-game criticism that may be uncalled for. A 3C has the ability and potential to break games. Boyle hasn't broken anything this year, even with his GWG in WSH.

Defensively, Boyle is useful as far not having a defensively reliable penalty killer on the bottom six who can take faceoffs. That spot can be better filled by many great 3Cs, including a few up and comers in our organization.

While I'm not actively promoting the trading of Boyle, sooner or later (whether we want to favor change to better our team in hopes of making the playoffs/deep run), we will have 2 or 3 much better options for 3C.

While a potential replacement 3C will not be as good in the FO circle and defensively/be able to kill penalties actively, they won't suck in those respects either especially under Tortorella if he's around for the new 3Cs. Furthermore, 3Cs have such a huge impact on a game, it can change the complexion of teams. Prust and Feds, Mitchell and co. made Boyle a great player in his role and we had a dominant 4 line team that found offense and ways to win.

What we lack is a 3rd line. We have a top two line now (short of Torts finding the right lines) but we traded away our 3rd and 4th line dominance. Having that said, this is mostly why Boyle needs to improve or he'll be pushed out sooner or later.

I suppose it's not what he is (although some nights that's the entire issue), it's more what he isn't. He's turning out to be a "time killer" this season. Not even grinding in the offensive zone to gain momentum, just a time killer which can be a good thing but thanks to our lack of offense and leads this season, what he isn't is becoming apparent. He is hated on too much but he's managing to find the wrong end of evaluations lately. Richards receives the occasional approval from HFNYR when he does something good or even just a good period and Richards is public enemy 1 right now. So Boyle isn't completely undeserving but it's definitely a broken record.

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