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03-26-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
Well you asked if we knew of any cases ever. So I named one.
You did indeed, and thanks aqib. Thats what, 1 promise kept by a muni, 10 broken? But hey, who's keeping score?

Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
Key votes tonight:

- Beacon Sports Ok'd to find management firm for Arena (with or without a new owner for Coyotes)
- Haralson Miller Pitt Feldman & McAnally to conduct a special audit of the city's books
- Dick Bowers Ok'd as 'acting' city manager, Skeete becomes assistant manager again

Oh boy, a few Prisoner fans here I see, Qc & now you Llama. Excellent!...

Well those 3 matters are interesting. We knew Beacon was involved, retained, two RFP's, one with, one without the franchise, likely hitting the streets in April, prolly a 45 day window thereafter to submit proposal... taking us into June.... mind reels in speculation.... Any word as to what Beacons being paid?... Audit should prove illuminating. Sure hope Beasleys Passports up to date. You'd need one to get into but never out of any number of jurisdictions who dont have extradition treaties with the United States of America. And even then, CIA, Justice Department, just call up Batman & Skyhook the miscreant outta anywhere they want..... and so Horatios like "back"? Did he not resign? Effective immediately last week or the week before? How does that work? Like George Costanza? Fired from his job but shows up next day like it never happened? Who' writes this stuff for Glendale? Jerry Seinfeld?

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