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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
One thing I do to strengthen my wrists is to hold the stick regularly and shoot. I then keep my body position in the same position for the wrist shot but I move my hands closer. With my hands about 2" away from eachother and using a wood stick and/or a stick weight after about 25 or so I can feel it in both wrists.

If you try this make sure that you are taking wrist shots and not taking a golf swings. The heavier the ball/puck/stick the better. Also focus on rolling your wrists over.

Also, a lot of power comes from rolling your wrists and flipping the puck off the toe... as well as weight transfer. So work on form as well as wrist strength.
This worked well with holding my hands two inches away from each other, as my wrists feel sore. I had a major break threw i use to not transfer my weight, in other words i didn't use my legs to generate any power, I would only use my arms. I used my legs today and my wrist shot was much harder, I also used that stickhanling drills that the Habs fan posted from USNDP and that helped my stickhanling a lot. Thanks to all who posted and helped me improve.

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