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03-27-2013, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by HatchtrickBateman View Post
His comments about being traded or being put on the fourth line are really blown out of proportion. Not too many of you would be thrilled to by being told you're gonna be let go or transferred to a new location, when you want to stay there. As far as actions go, im assuming you're referring to dumb penalties, cant argue with that, although he did seem to have alot more " turn the other cheek" in him this season. And if any of you have played hockey, you know that almost every player has something to say after taking a penalty. But I'm sure everyone will disagree. We're all stars fans, it just honestly bugs me the way people go about it. I'm the biggest modano fan, and I felt similar when he was shown the door(moreso for the way many fans whined that he signed with the wings like he was some sort of traitor)but this situation is different, even I would admit mo didn't give close to 100% anymore. I wouldn't say the same about morrow though. Anyway, carry on. Agree to disagree
If those Olympics had never happened and I never saw Morrow look so bad on our team then so good for Canada I would be more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt these last few years. He gave that up by playing like he didn't give a **** about the Stars and then showing us 2008 playoffs version Morrow at the Olympics. He wasn't even able to carry that positive momentum over to the Stars for a playoff run after the Olympics were over. I can't with a straight face say that his professionalism is beyond reproach.

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