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03-27-2013, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by trilobyte View Post
One of the better calls I have seen, not that I particularly pay attention to them.
You got the score almost perfect, but more importantly you caught the flavour (sorry aboot the 'u', but I'm Canadian, so not sorry :-) ) of the game.

Isn't Bryzgalov just the biggest letdown the Flyers could imagine? I used to trumpet the skills of Holmgren after his totally successful fast-track rebuild of his team, but the Flyers have not had a truly great goalie since the great Pelle Lindbergh (R.I.P.).
They will go nowhere until they get a goalie, and it is their own fault for being so arrogant, and lousy at judging talent.
All it takes is one fatal flaw, and you don't get a Stanley Cup, even though your team looks fantastic on paper.
Flyers gave Bryzgalov way too much money for way too long based on one season in Phoenix, which we can all see was a fluke. Doing that in a cap league really messes up your ability to make trades/sign free agents, especially as I don't think there is any team dumb enough to take Bryzgalov off their hands with that contract.

Flyers are a team in trouble - their defense stinks as well, and they have no one in the pipeline, They have some talent up front that people would want in trades, but I don't think they can get fair value in return. Their best bet might be to blow up the team and get a lot of prospects/draft choices.

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