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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
You mention a common misperception here. ECHL teams do NOT get "subsidies" from their NHL affiliates. The ECHL team typically _pays_ for the privilege of the NHL affiliation. What they get in return (sometimes) are players assigned to them that are property of the NHL (or AHL) parent -- the parent team pays the players' salaries. So, the theory is that the child would pay less in affiliation than they would if they directly paid the players' salaries -- but this is not a "subsidy".

In addition, unlike the AHL, the ECHL has no requirement that its teams maintain either AHL or NHL affiliations -- in the recent past, many more teams have chosen affiliation than complete independence, but that's not a factor at all in terms of limiting the ECHL to only as many teams as the NHL has -- in fact, the 2003-04 season featured 31 ECHL teams (to the NHL's then 30).
I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

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