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Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
As to who writes this stuff...I think Rod Serling
The Audit Costs I cant speak to, but they sound reasonable considering the amount of work that surely must be involved in such an undertaking, and absolutely required. But as for Beacon@100K? They must be providing more than just base-line consultancy work in drafting RFP's. I'd hazard to guess that could just be a base Retainer with further billables likely if as I speculate the Coyotes are in fact staying put for at least another year. .. I dont know what to make of that particular choice of company, Beacon. Mixed reviews elsewhere, some problems, fur & lawsuits flying. Pre-existing relationships with Beasley, Kaites, Jerry Reinsdorf & Michaels company, IFP. Its curious but for now I think passes the smell test. Should be interesting to see how they handle it and how their relationship with Weiers, Council & the Media evolves.

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