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03-27-2013, 01:04 AM
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Ha, Homer got nothing good over last years FA so fire him... ********... He is not all to blame on this. That is Lavy. Let us repeat: Homer told Lavy to adjust the system to better use the players as he wasn't able to land any players in FA that would fit his system and Lavy said no. Straight up no to the GM. At that point all blame is on him. He has misused every asset on this team and it has gotten to the point even Milbury and Jones literally laugh at the teams system.

Do they laugh at the players? **** no: they laugh at the down right hilarious **** the players are being told to do. Homers job is to get the best players available. Lavy is to use them to maximize the value. Homer went big and failed and got some side ****... So fire him? Haha. No. Fire the guy who's trying to use gervais as a pinching offensive puck moving rushing d man. Not the person who brought him in, over one crappy FA period.

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