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03-27-2013, 01:10 AM
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Kelvin is definitely my favorite guy on the show. He seems like a real friendly guy, and has a ton of potential. A lot of the times when I see an MMA fighter doing combowork on the pads it's pretty ugly, but he was throwing some pretty tight 4-6 pieces in his training. Quick, powerful and tight. That definitely paid off in the fight because I'm pretty sure the big shot he landed was the 4th punch in a very quick combo. He's still very raw but his ground game looked solid against Bubba, and he's still so young. Of course, better strikers will make him pay for being hittable, and I question Collin's gameplan of standing and banging with him when Collin seems to be a grappler.

Dylan... Wow. First off, I loved how little space he gave Luke every time he tried to scramble. Luke wanted that space and separation and Dylan would drive his shoulder right into Luke's chest or stomach and really bullied those scrambles - that's why he was able to drive through him so frequently. Credit to Luke for being offensive off his back both with strikes and grappling, and major props to the judges as Dana noted. But that third round, holy ****. They played up the whole "spiritual warrior" angle with Dylan and Jones' trainer for good reason. When he was bombing forward he really looked like a man possessed.

Overall, a really good episode. It was cool having Rousey and Tyson there. Also, Carlos Condit was sitting next to Dana watching the fights - you could see him sometimes when they did the reaction shots.

Now, I hope Jimmy Quinlan and Uriah win. Or at least assuming Uriah is still facing Bubba - it looks like Bubba might back out of the fight and Clint may have to step in... If that's the case, I'm not sure who I want to win.

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