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03-27-2013, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
IMO he has. They play great together and I love them playing on the same line. Problem is the finish. Chucky's trying more shots now, but they aren't up to the level he's capable of. I always see him look down at the puck when he's shooting, not at the net. He's just gotta tweak a few things. Eller is becoming much more confident cuz he knows chucky will be able to make that little one touch play to keep the play moving forward so that their line isn't stuck being a backchecking one constantly. Really, Lars and Alex just need some better shooting, otherwise they are the most dominant line in terms of size and talent. I wouldn't mind putting Gallagher with them for an odd shift to see what happens. It happened late in the game and was too late, too short.

I want to see Chucky try more deking cuz when he's tried, it's more than often resulted in some sick moves, but with no shot on the end of it.

Sidenote: Eller was just throwing people around today, he's really become a big body physical presence on the forecheck. Patch has done little to none of that lately.
I would love to see (When/If we're ever healthy) DD-Eller-Galch. Eller provides the physicality/Puck possession, DD sets up the other two for goals. Eller does need to feed Galch more often, but you're right Galch needs to deke more and improve his shooting. I also notice his looking down at the puck and it should be corrected. His slight delay loses the corner/hole he's shooting at. Simply a developmental obstacle which shouldn't be a big deal

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