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Originally Posted by Guido Sarducci View Post
True. None of us really know what went on so it's all just speculation. But I would think that we all agree that the Flames have not benefitted from the distraction that this has caused.

Last July 1 Feaster opened the vaults for Wideman and Hudler. Two guys that had not ever played a single shift the Flames. How about paying the greatest player in franchise history? Nope.

It would have been much easier to extend Iginla in the old CBA. It was pretty much known that those "retirement contracts" would be outlawed in the new deal. It was the last chance for a cap circumventing contract and Iginla/Meehan would have had to have had rocks in their head to turn that down.

And if there was no way Iginla would sign then you trade him in the summer. The whole last month has been the "what is gonna happen with Jarome" show. And before the season started you could see that coming from a mile away.

Now Feaster seems to have 2 options. First, trade him for far less than he is worth. Second, don't trade him and risk losing him for nothing. Both options are asset management at its worst.

Feaster is in the worst position he could possibly be in a week before the deadline. And it is because he waited until now to deal with something that should have been taken care of in the summer.
You assume Feaster had the authority to trade Iginla unilaterally. That simply isn't the case.

It's quite possible the Flames approached Iginla back in May or June to re-sign and did indeed offer him a retirement contract, which Iginla summarily refused because he wasn't convinced the Flames could ice a winner. For Iginla winning isn't the only important thing, it's winning while still being a key contributor that matters the most.

So the owners, who believe the only reason the Flames sell out is because of Iginla, think, 'okay we'll sign some free agents and get a new coach. That'll show Iginla we're not afraid of spending money to ice a winner. And we won't trade any veterans for picks or prospects to show Iginla we're not going to be rebuilding.' Insert Feaster, who promises the world, and with his usual bluster, loudly proclaims that the Flames roster he built can most definitely and assuredly compete for a playoff spot. But of course, it doesn't work out and Iginla makes it clear he isn't interested in re-signing. Moreover, he'd like to be moved at the deadline to a contender.

Of course, that's just speculation. But given what we do know about Feaster's role, if you want to blame someone for the current mess of a situation, put it on the owners, who've shown they're very, very, hesitant to be proactive and risk their business model.

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