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Originally Posted by FlamesFreak4 View Post
Not exactly on topic, but its regarding the abbotsford heat, so im posting it here.
I work at the Keg Steakhouse & Bar in Hamilton and currently the Heat are in town to play the Bulldogs. So pretty much the whole team(or most atleast) came in tonight for dinner. My Manager came up to me and told me they were there and off the top of his head he knew Akim Aliu, Leland Irving and Danny Taylor(celebrating his birthday) were among them, but didnt recognize the others, i... ofcourse being all excited, asked if he knew if Sven Beartschi was there, he said he didnt think so, so naturally i was a little dissapointed.

After work i sat down in the bar to grab something to eat and noticed 2 guys at the end of the bar, who turned out to be Max Reinhart and Roman Horak. Found it odd they both opted to sit in the bar apart from the rest of the team. shortly after i notice someone go up to them, and look over a couple times, and i realized it was Sven! So now im super excited, the Flames top prospect is standing some 10 feet away.

As he walked away from them he saw me looking over at them and i nervously said hey and nodded my head and he stopped and i mentioned i was a big flames fan and i ended up having a conversation with him about their road trip, Iginla, and how hes really hoping after the deadline he gets called back up to the big team.

Not a bad night
Awesome story, thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by tyflames View Post
Interesting Story, Congrats on meeting him and having a conversation. The closest I got to Sven was he ran by me while he was warming up for a preliminary WJC game. Definitely a memorable night for yourself I would say.
Since we are talking Baertschi stories, I was lucky enough to go with a friend for the Jets return to Calgary with ice level seats.

Which, also happened to be Bart's first game....Saw Baertschi skate out for his first shift and took a cheapshot elbow from Kane (which the refs missed) I banged on the glass because I was already fairly inebriated. Sven looked over at me and we made eye contact, It was magical and then he strode away into the sunset

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