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03-27-2013, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Special One View Post
lausanne have a huge potential. this season they have 6.5 millions budget. if they get a promotion they would play with a 9 millions budget already in first season. last year lausanne get schooled by langethal because of heinz ehlers. he was so much better then lausanne's coach even if there was 3 millions difference between two teams. in 2008 ehlers did with biel with a 5 millions budget difference (3.5 against 8.5 millions from basel). so ya he's a very good coach and lausanne is a great challenge.

p.s- the series between the team from LNA and LNB make it almost impossible to a promotion. since 2005 only two teams did it basel with A league Budget en ehlers team(miracle).
OK so it seems that Heinz Ehlers like his son also got a Swiss offer he couldn't refuse even if he got feelers from Sweden?!
Lausanne sounds like they are all planned to make it to NLA, so it really does sound like an upgrade even though Langenthal finished better than Lausanne this season in NLB.

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