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Originally Posted by Moskau View Post
Some people laughed when I said this is a #7 or #8 team right now if Regehr and Gerbe were replaced with useful players. It's not that far off honestly. The amount of time the opposition spend in our zone when either of them are on the ice.

Can anyone remember a Nathan Gerbe shift where had the puck in the opposing zone for more than 3 seconds? His goals have been flukey shots off rushes. He can't cycle the puck, can't win battles to keep the puck, he can't pass and he shoots the puck wide more often than not. He's garbage at Hockey.
I just looked it up, and the Sabres have a 30% Corsi For when Gerbe and Regehr are on the ice together. Gimminy Christmas. Possession black holes. Look at the difference in defensemen possession rates when they're with Gerbe as opposed to when they're without him:

(With-Without-Delta Without)

Ehrhoff: 45.2%, 52.3%, +7.1

Myers: 34.7%, 47.8%, +13.1

Regehr: 30.6%, 43.1%, +12.5%

Sekera: 38.7%, 45%, +6.3%

Weber: 44.0%, 39.6%, -4.4

Sulzer: 42.9%, 52.7%, +9.8

Leopold: 40.3%, 43.2%, +2.9%

Only Weber has worse possession numbers without Gerbe than with. The rest largely improve their possession numbers substantially when they get away from Nate.

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