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08-09-2006, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Slick Nick View Post
Nah, they said Markov could ony say one sentance... which is flase, I saw him like most of you in interview, he understand english and can speak.. really shy, but he dose speak a little english.

But then Marc Bureau said that when he was in the US he learned to speak english... and that russians could do the same.

WELL... someone should explain to Bureau that English comes from french, German and Celtic... that most of the french words are exactly the same (or very close) in both languges and that he has been exposed to the same culture since he was born.

While russian is from another group of languages... it's like a russian saying, hey I wen't to poland I learned polish.

Same with Koivu; Saku dosen't speak french... he he speaks Finnish ( from the Finnish/Estonian/Hungarian group) .. he speaks good english because he speaks swedish, which is also a germanic language; same roots... can't ask him to learn a 3 language group...

Marc Bureau and logic are not good friends...

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