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03-27-2013, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
the number one mantra Kirk Muller has been trying to instill in this team over the 4 day break was shift length: 38 seconds max.

Eric Staal Average Shift Length: 52 seconds.
Alex Semin Average Shift Length: 52 seconds.
Jeff Skinner Average Shift Length: 55 seconds.
I was going to stay away from any serious comment in this thread, but this bit of information is just too much to let go...especially since it didn't seem to resonate with the broader audience. Hell, it didn't even resonate with the person who posted it, for chrissakes...which is just mind-boggling to me.

If I may, I'd like to proceed on the assumption that this information is 100% accurate. I have no way of knowing that Muller actually said that he wanted 38-second shifts, but if I can't count on Tripp Tracy and Mike Maniscalco to deliver this tidbit of information accurately, then I'll take my lumps with the disclaimer that I put too much trust in our "insiders" and will be forever suspicious of them going forward.

Second disclaimer: I don't know how much shift length matters. I don't know that, had the players nailed exactly 38 seconds per shift last night, they would have fared any better. What I'm going on is that the coach made a point of it, and it was his directive for last night's game. End of story.

Given this, my question to all of you is what more do you need as evidence that Eric Staal is not leading this team as one would expect of a team captain? The coach clearly states that he wants shift lengths to be at a certain number, yet the result is that the captain fails to even come close to what his coach asked of him. If you can't get your captain to follow your directive (sticking to the system), then you've lost the team.

Furthermore, it doesn't say much about Muller that he wasn't able to enforce his main #1 directive. Surely he could have queried Pete Friesen a time or two to find out how long the shifts were adding up to, or even got a report at the first/second intermission, then brought the hammer down when he found out the boys weren't doing what he asked of them.

So, go ahead and justify this in whatever way you Staal-pologists will. I can't wait to hear how this doesn't matter, or is not really damning evidence of Staal's leadership.

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