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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
Hmmm no, that hard. Our attendance has been good, fans are cheering, and they're still getting paid as far as I know. The least the players can do is give paying customers a solid, honest effort every night, all the way to fan appreciation night.

Jesus, as much as I loathe player bashing for lack of loyalty when it comes to big money contracts, I don't understand the empathy when these millionaires are mailing it in in front of 15K+ paying fans. We're not talking about kids whose parents are moving, These are supposed to be grow-ass professional athletes.
I would like to take this opportunity to agree with you.

Further, I would like to state for the record that where my remarks, misguided as they were, suggest empathy, I would amend them to convey not empathy, but merely the absence of surprise. If we may return to my ill-conceived school metaphor: if the child will be moving away to attend a different school in a new city, it does not follow that he ought to be spared the correctives of switch or yard-stick in the meantime, if for example he should become a truant, or make faces when the teacher isn't looking.

TL;DR: I want to see Dave Tippett beat players who don't try. Preferably with a switch. In the sauna.

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