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Originally Posted by wesnichols14 View Post
Sproul is 20 Freaking years old! because he doesn't play a physical game right now does not mean he is never going to. being big is a definite advantage. Its a lot easier to become a physical player, when you have a natural SIZE ADVANTAGE. lets put Murphy on one side of the ice and Sproul on the other, have them run each other I bet Murphy takes more damage.

Even if Sproul never develops that physical edge putting him in a shooting lane takes up a lot more space that if he was 5ft 11.

The guy puts up crazy points so yeah he is going to face good competition, no coach is going to say "hey guys lets toss the 4th line out there when Sproul is playing he is only outscoring half of our forwards while missing 6 weeks with a broken arm.

Murphy is a good I don't doubt that, personally I don't really care, but he got drafted 12th overall I trust he has a lot of talent. that being said he put up 48pts this year in 54 games, 10 of which were goals so he averaged a whole.888 game, and a goal every 5.4 games while finishing the year +14.
Sproul on the other hand put up 66 points this year in 50 games, 20 of which were goals. so he averaged 1.32 points per game and a goal every 2.6 Games, ending the season with an even +/-.

Ryan Sproul was also Defenseman of the month twice this season while Murphy had a grand total of 0.

Oh and to answer some of your points about what him turning slower, who cares! he's an Offensive Defenseman you put him with a Defensive Defenseman. you know a player like Xavier Ouellet. like how you put Niklas Kronwall on a line With Jonathan Ericsson. the Size does give you the natural advantage of choice, you get pissed and check someone he feels it more because you hit him with more.

By absolutely no means is it a Disadvantage, normally you sacrifice speed for size, Sproul has the speed he has the size, he has the Offensive zone IQ something very difficult to teach, and needs to work on his Defensive zone skills, it would worry some if he didn't have the likes of Lidstrom and Chelios to teach at the next level and during camps.

The coach's picked him ahead of Murphy in the polls, the media has put him ahead of Murphy in the Monthly awards, and the fans wanted him ahead of Murphy in the WJC, Murphy could tell you at this point and you wouldn't listen your so set in your belief.
He's 20 and he's got worse defensive skills than Murphy did at 17. How many players who lack a physical side find one? A mean streak is impossible to teach, and use of physical talents is extremely difficult to teach. Soft players in junior are almost always soft in the NHL. Players who don't use their size in junior almost never do in the NHL. Name five players who were soft in junior and learned to use their size at higher level.

Murphy's decreasing point totals have two reasons behind them. Niether involves declining skills or even stagnating skills. Last season he suffered a concussion and the common "sent down from NHL blues" after he made the NHL but was sent down due to Maurice refusing to start two rookie defensemen. Two, Kitchener's point totals have declined, but Murphy retains a similar point-team point ratio.

Who cares that he can't turn as fast? It's a major issue. Detroit fans can't claim he has top pairing upside if they don't care that he's a liability in his own zone. Sproul's skating should mean he can get back but that option isn't available to him because he can't turn as fast.

Those awards mean nothing, niether is indicitive of who is the prospect or player. The coaches don't see a player more than 6 times a season before these polls are done. And the fans wanted Sproul over Murphy at the WJC? What fans? Detroit fans yes but beyond that only a small minority were campaigning for Sproul to make the team. If people thought Murphy was bad defensively there (Which he wasn't, no worse than Hamilton), then they would have really hated Sproul. It's a blessing in disguise that Sproul didn't make the WJC, because all this hype would have been reversed.

Originally Posted by The Zetterberg Era View Post
Gee, bet that has nothing to do with Gibson, Palazzese, and Vienneau. He was so good in the NHL they sent him back.

Maybe I should just try a different tactic and start saying Sproul is the best defensively because I say so and just keep doing it over and over.

Murphy gets turned around often, has weak positioning and is easily pushed off the puck. There it is, those are his problems. I think the whole hockey world knows at this point that Spott would run him out if he had better options, we saw it on a much larger stage where he was unquestionably one of the worst options on his team defensively. So play the minutes angle and the responsibilities it is another reason to discredit the wisdom of Steve Spott. A man so ingenious he managed to finish out of the medals with Canada and flame out rather spectacularly a couple of times with talented Kitchener Rangers teams.

His praise was he will be returned as soon as we are healthy and he went -4 with no points in 4 games. His point totals have dropped every year since his draft year. He isn't a largely different player but I am an idiot and don't watch the games. Could just be the scouting report is out on him and for all the flash and dash in his game he isn't that scary. He gives almost as many chances as his magnificent offensive touch gets, so teams pack it in and watch him go for his beautiful skating exhibitions then pounce on his mistakes. This is what I see a lot when I watch him play.

I don't know what Sproul will turn into, Ouellet is the best junior age D-man the Wings have. I spend enough time arguing that point while people are on the runaway Sproul train. I will tell you this though he is fortunate not to have a big time right handed PP option in front of him, Murphy has Faulk which should make his life interesting as he tries to win that job and should seriously temper some of the expectations on the kid.
So the goalies are single handidly responsible for Kitchener being a top defensive team? OK

If you claimed Sproul was better defensively you'd be making false claims so go ahead and do it. Just like the rest of the claim you made.

You basically stated you know better than Canes management, players and coaching staff when you scoffed at them being impressed with Murphy. They had to send him down, it wasn't their choice. They said if it was their choice they would have kept him up.

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