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Ed Snider runs the show so no matter who is replaced, Lavvy or Homer, that won't change. Any Gm that comes in will have to do as Ed says. Homer's moves (mostly miscalculations) have come from Snider. When Ed says jump, it's how high. Snider doesn't have any patience and his 'lets hit a home run' every year approach doesn't work/ Swinging for the fences gets you more strikeouts than homeruns.

Ed doesn't get that a succesful team builds a championship they don't buy one.
Look at the talent on the Phantoms Cup winning team that we had in our backyard. Had Snider not been so impatient, this woiuld be a contender and maybe even a Cup winner. Seidenberg and Sharpe should be on this team, and hte Richards trade was a total win for LA. You have a guy with a pedigree that high, that much of a playoff warrior and leader who at the age of 20 already led 3 teams to championships, you build a team around him, starting with a goalie. Bob McKenzie (terrific NHL analyst) said of that trade it was a huge risk by Homer because he was betting on 'projected to be' while Lombardi got the sure thing. He also said he'd not have traded Richards for a prospect, that you don't move a proven winner and pure champion without getting the same or close to in return.

What does a good GM do?
Lombardi took over in LA and told he owners his vision, to trust him and give him abour 5 years and he'd crfeate a team that would contend for years. He told them there would be years when they'd not make the playoffs, but they'd learn and grow and he was more interested in creating a winning culture with those young players learning and growing together. He wasn't willing to sacrifice the future for a 'quick fix' ANd he did just that. HE held onto his young assests, even when he got insane offers for Kopitar, he stayed firm.

When they got so far and needed veteran help, he signed Scuderi and Mitchell, traded for Greene and Stoll and then got Mike RIchards, which was he said 'the last piece of my four foundations ' that he felt are required to be a contender , a stud goalie, an elite defenseman and two stud two way centers.
Per an article at the end of Feb, they Kings are the youngest team in the league (along wit hthe Avs ) aver age 26.4 (Flyers were one of the oldest ave age 28.5)
Kings are the biggest team in the leage , ave weight 210 lbs , except for Richards all ov er 6 ft. Four lines of forwards that are defensively responsible and can shut down antying you put in front of them and since March 1st thru last week, averaging over 3.5 goals per game.

He's got a deep rich farm system, great goalie, top ranked defense, this year an offense in the top 10 and all core players signed long term and they are close to 9 mill under the Cap with 9 picks in this years draft.

That's what a good team is, what a good GM does. He creates a contender and knows how to harvest young talent in the farm systesm, to have faith in a plan and let your young talented players grow and develop the right way (not rush them up too early or trade them) , he knows how to manage the Cap and not overpay, and finds the right coach, who creates a system based on what type of players he has.

The Flyers have some very good young players that with some patience and the right moves (and that includes trying to build thru the draft) they can build for the future. But that won't be easy since they are a mess Cap wise (close to 70 mill now) and even buying out Brzy and Briere won't help that, not with 4 players to sign in addition to a new goalie. That means w/o a trade from one of the top 6, no money for a top line D. And G's new contract will b e in the 9 mill per year range, same year that B Schenns current 3.2 is up for renewal.

But Ed has no patience, so my fear is that he'll sacrifice another lamb (and I read an article from one of the Toronto papers yesterday that said Homer is quietly shopping Couturier ) for a quick fix that won't work

You can't keep throwing players in the same room every six months and expect them to grow . Chemistry doens't work that way.
THey had a good team in 2010, and that incredible run they went thru together bound them and that glue could havre been something special to build upon. They could have made adjustments (and not signed Leighton) and addressed the goaltending issue, without panicing in 2011 and gutting the core, they would be a better team today.

I really want these young players to grow together, stop trading the youth away. Cut off the deadwood, figure out how to work a Cap right and plan for the future.

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